Theories of the Mind

(as of Autumn 1998.)

This page links to a range of materials on the subject of Psychoanalysis and Literature. I have lectures on the topic, I give a course designed for second and third year students on it, and I have provided reading lists, web links, and a set of literary texts suitable for psychoanalytic interpretation.

The latest version (99-00) of the Theories of the Mind is here.


Note: the links to the lectures are deactivated during October and most of November, that is, from the beginning of the semester until I have delivered the lectures. And most of the links to the course are deactivated until the course is running.

Theories of the Mind Course

I teach a course entitled 'Theories of the Mind' to second and third year students. Here are the course materials, week by week, and other bits and pieces relevant to the course. Most of these links will become live after the course starts, week by week.

This is now in need of revision, since it refers to a one semester course, and the course will now (ie from next year) run for two semesters.


Week 1

The course handout is [being revised]. This is a complete introduction to the course, aims, objectives, teaching method, expectations, and so on. Also it contains the first assignment, for the following week.

Week 2: Freudian words

Week 3: Goblin Market

Week 4: Freudian texts

Week 5: discussion of Freud

Week 6: Jung introduction

Week 7

Week 8: Jung and Campbell, applications (1)

Week 9: Jung and Campbell, applications (2)

Week 10: Lacan

Week 11: preparation for the Workshop

Week 12: winding down, winding up.

Freudian texts

Reading lists

Web links