the printing essay

Write an essay on some aspect of hand printing, using both your own experience and information from books, preferably old ones (see reading list). You can choose any aspect of printing (composition, press-work, the history and development of the press, the role of labour unions in the printer's chapel-anything. But each essay must contain two things: firstly a knowledge of the practicality of what is being described, a detailed knowledge of the process in action, and secondly a theoretical discussion of the significance and implications of this process.

Possible subjects
Justification: what is it, why is it done, how is it done? How does it affect layout and legibility? Is it really necessary?

Social conditions in the early print shop and their implications on the accuracy (or otherwise) of the text being printed.

Distribution of type: how was it done? What was its influence on the development of uniform spelling?

Compare some aspect of hand printing (justification, hand setting, use of the press) with the modern equivalent, or some later equivalent. What are the results of the technical change?

What have you learned from the hand printing exercise?

Please include with the essay
1. Two uncorrected proof copies of your card--one for each side.

2. One fair copy of your card, plus envelope.

3. Accounts