Teaching materials for the session 1997 - 1998

These are the pages that I used in teaching in 1997-8. The bullet list of links immediately below indexes them, roughly. B&P, incidentally, here and everywhere in this site, means "Bibliography and Paleography", the course I mainly teach. A description of the course is here. The pages to which the links below point may be updated for use in courses 1998-onwards.

Summer term 1998

Experiment: real audio version of my Jung lecture

Teaching and the Internet: reading list

Advertising reading list


Spring 1998

Essay comments expanded (for the Text and Theories essay), and How to write an essay

I am proposing a new postgraduate course, to run next session:
Literature and the Internet



The B&P1 exam paper for 1998

Hypertext: an introduction (question 3)

Strategies for answering question 2 of the 1998 exam paper

The first year Bibliography course, Spring '98

Printing Christmas cards by hand, 1997: the slide show

Inspirational Spring term message for B&P1

The on-line forum for discussion of the first year Bibliography lectures is here. Notes on how to use it are here.



B&P2 Web pages 1997-8



The B&P3 exam paper for 1998

Introduction to the Spring term course

How to make a presentation

The presentations:


History of Printing


Bits and pieces

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Autumn 97

B&P1 and Theories of the Mind

How to write an essay

Recent lectures: The Indeterminacy of Literary Texts and The Electric Message (these links will be live after I've given the lectures, some time before Christmas)

What to do about missing a class

Student Web pages 96/7

Images of books for the Text MA

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