Forensic handwriting analysis: an analytical bibliography

Tom Davis


How to use the bibliography

Index of major categories



This is a fully-analysed and fully keyworded hypertext bibliography of books and articles in English on forensic handwriting analysis and related topics. It contains about 1,500 references.

It is still under construction (and presumably always will be, unless someone invents a machine for detecting forgeries). It can only be searched on keywords at the moment, and then only on the ones that I have provided. An author and title searching facility will come later.

It is designed first of all for the benefit of my students, and so has a Birmingham bias, but only in the fact that the whereabouts of any text that is in any of the Birmingham University Libraries is recorded. It should be of considerable use to anyone interested in the subject, wherever they are.

It is very extensive up to 1992 or so, and then thins out considerably. I am working on updating it.

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How to use the bibliography

This should be fairly obvious. This document is essentially a list of keywords, the main categories of which are indexed in the next section. Clicking on a main category takes you to the relevant set of keywords. Clicking on a keyword brings takes you to a list of references relevant to that keyword.

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Index of major categories

Handwriting, analysis
Handwriting, anonymous writing
Handwriting, cases
Handwriting, deviancy
Handwriting, disguise
Handwriting, forgery
Handwriting, implements
Handwriting, in Court
Handwriting, materials
Handwriting, natural
Handwriting, research techniques
Handwriting, theory


Handwriting, analysis (back to category index)

Handwriting, analysis, bibliography
Handwriting, analysis, by computer
Handwriting, analysis, comparison samples
Handwriting, analysis, errors
Handwriting, analysis, ethics
Handwriting, analysis, from photocopies
Handwriting, analysis, general books

Handwriting, analysis, hardware (back to category index)

Handwriting, analysis, hardware, alterations
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, camera
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, diapositives
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, electrophoresis
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, erasures
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, ESDA
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, indented writing
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, infra-red/ultra-violet
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, ink analysis
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, ink analysis, dating
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, lasers
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, microscope
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, paper analysis
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, paper analysis, watermarks
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, scanning electron microscope
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, sequence of writing
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, spectroscopy
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, thin-layer chromatography
Handwriting, analysis, hardware, transferred writing
Handwriting, analysis, history
Handwriting, analysis, literary
Handwriting, analysis, non-expert
Handwriting, analysis, practice
Handwriting, analysis, shading
Handwriting, analysis, statistics
Handwriting, analysis, suicide notes
Handwriting, analysis, theory
Handwriting, analysis, training

Handwriting, anonymous writing (back to category index)

Handwriting, anonymous writing

Handwriting, cases (back to category index)

Handwriting, cases
Handwriting, cases, cheques
Handwriting, cases, dating
Handwriting, cases, historical
Handwriting, cases, literary
Handwriting, cases, literary, dating
Handwriting, cases, literary, forgery
Handwriting, cases, literary, Shakespeare
Handwriting, cases, literary, textual criticism

Handwriting, deviancy (back to category index)

Handwriting, deviancy
Handwriting, deviancy, drugs
Handwriting, deviancy, drugs, alcohol
Handwriting, deviancy, environment
Handwriting, deviancy, eyesight
Handwriting, deviancy, foot writing
Handwriting, deviancy, forced opposite-handedness
Handwriting, deviancy, hypnosis
Handwriting, deviancy, illness
Handwriting, deviancy, illness, mental illness
Handwriting, deviancy, non-competence
Handwriting, deviancy, old age
Handwriting, deviancy, physical exertion
Handwriting, deviancy, stress
Handwriting, deviancy, tremor

Handwriting, disguise (back to category index)

Handwriting, disguise
Handwriting, disguise, how successful
Handwriting, disguise, opposite hand
Handwriting, disguise, usual characteristics

Handwriting, forgery (back to category index)

Handwriting, forgery, cases
Handwriting, forgery, continuous text
Handwriting, forgery, signatures
Handwriting, forgery, signatures, guided hand
Handwriting, forgery, signatures, how successful
Handwriting, forgery, signatures, usual characteristics
Handwriting, forgery, tracing
Handwriting, forgery, usual characteristics

Handwriting, implements (back to category index)

Handwriting, implements, pencils
Handwriting, implements, pens
Handwriting, implements, pens, ball-point
Handwriting, implements, pens, ball-point, burr striations
Handwriting, implements, pens, fibre-tip
Handwriting, implements, pens, nib
Handwriting, implements, pens, quill
Handwriting, implements, pens, roller-ball

Handwriting, in Court (back to category index)

Handwriting, in Court
Handwriting, in Court, report writing

Handwriting, materials (back to category index)

Handwriting, materials

Handwriting, natural (back to category index)

Handwriting, natural, acquisition
Handwriting, natural, classification
Handwriting, natural, development of individuality
Handwriting, natural, influences
Handwriting, natural, influences, age
Handwriting, natural, influences, context
Handwriting, natural, influences, family resemblance
Handwriting, natural, influences, gender
Handwriting, natural, influences, handedness
Handwriting, natural, influences, speed
Handwriting, natural, influences, unusual surface
Handwriting, natural, influences, writing implements
Handwriting, natural, influences, writing implements, wall-writing
Handwriting, natural, numerals
Handwriting, natural, shorthand
Handwriting, natural, signatures
Handwriting, natural, signatures, compared to text writing
Handwriting, natural, signatures, development of individuality
Handwriting, natural, signatures, distinguishing features
Handwriting, natural, signatures, marks as signatures
Handwriting, natural, signatures, non-UK
Handwriting, natural, taught styles
Handwriting, natural, taught styles, copy-books
Handwriting, natural, taught styles, non-UK
Handwriting, natural, taught styles, non-UK, European
Handwriting, natural, taught styles, non-UK, Irish
Handwriting, natural, taught styles, print script
Handwriting, natural, taught styles, UK

Handwriting, research techniques (back to category index)

Handwriting, research techniques

Handwriting, theory (back to category index)

Handwriting, theory, classification
Handwriting, theory, concept of identity
Handwriting, theory, graphology
Handwriting, theory, graphometry
Handwriting, theory, history
Handwriting, theory, non-alphabetic
Handwriting, theory, physiology
Handwriting, theory, psychology
Handwriting, theory, theory of science
Handwriting, theory, writing
Handwriting, theory, writing, history
Handwriting, theory, writing, orality and literacy

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