Setting type

Holding the stick

The setting rule

Setting rule in stick

The type case

Picking type from the box

Sort, showing nick

Type in stick

Holding the type in place

A word set in type

Showing nicks


Thin space

Mid space

Thick space

En space

Em space

Quad space

Space boxes

Sample space attached to box

Word plus thick space


A line (of verse) set in type

Check the nicks

Start at right with quads

No room for more quads

No room for an em space

Room for an en space

A mid fits the remaining space

The justified line

A firm fit in the stick

Setting rule on top of set line

Ready for second line


Imposition in progress


Tightening a quoin


The ink roller and slab


Frisket and tympans

Tympan sheet and ducks beaks

Ducks beaks

Cut frisket


Frisket down

Tympan and frisket down

The rounce

Carriage under platen

Grasp the bar

Cheek the bar

Run the carriage out

The carriage out

Pick up tympans and frisket

Use the ear

Holding the ear

Lifting the frisket

The finished product

The page is printed

Closeup of printed page