Theories of the Mind 2010


Provisional timetable


The general pattern will be: one or two seminars on the theories of each theorist, followed by two or one seminar/s on their application to literature. The way it goes depends on how much time you need on each theorist: one, or two weeks. Watch this space...

The classes will be taught on Tuesdays, at 2 pm and 3 pm, and Wednesdays, at 1 pm. I am happy for you to change from one class to another, but this year each class is packed full, so I'm afraid you'll have to find someone to exchange with in order to do so. Come and see me if this is a problem: my office hours this year are 1-2 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Week 1: introductory: no preparation required >

the student feedback for last year's theories of the mind is here

Freudian words >

Week 2: Freud >

Week 3: Freud >

Texts used in the seminars for Freudian analysis >

Week 4: Freud >

Week 5: Jung

for week 7

Jung speaks

writing the theories of the mind essay

light relief

Week 6: private study week

Week 7: Jung >

Week 8: Jung >

Week 9: Lacan

a podcast of one of the three lacan talks (all roughly the same) is here

for week 10 >

Week 10: Lacan

here is the talk that I intended to give, on Lacan: the talk as I gave it in 2009 >

and here is the talk that I actually gave, which is very different >

in week 11 I will talk about some poems and songs, and answer questions