Literature and the Internet


Teaching (and learning) method

The idea is that this is a shared research exercise, into a new and fast developing subject, using (mainly) the subject of the research, the World Wide Web, to teach us about what it is and what it means and how it can be used in the English Department.

The students are divided into small groups, which should meet once a week outside the class. Each week I will give each small group a subject area to research, using the web; in the class I will introduce the subject area, and give topics and places where you might look for answers. This will go up on the Web, in the week-by-week description of the course.

Each small group should produce, by the evening before the class, a web page, which should consist of notes on the research, and an annotated list of links. They should email me the url of the web page (or, if that's a problem, the web page itself, and I will upload it), and be prepared to talk from those notes in the class.

The idea is that by the end of the course, when you come to create your websites, you will have plenty of resources to help you do the research: in fact, a collaboratively constructed book.

Seems to me that this method, as well as being useful and productive for all of us, will reflect one of the odd things about this course: that you may well know more about some or all of it than I do.


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