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It's very important that you keep up with this course. It's not like other English Department courses, since it's cumulative: if you miss a week, you might well miss something vital, and may not be able to understand what's said and done in subsequent weeks. There will be a clear summary of each week's work in the week-by-week section of my website; please make sure that if you unavoidably miss a week, you'll catch up with what happened. If you need help in doing this, email me.

There will (of course) be a register; it requires your signature. When yoiu come into the room, even if you're late and somewhat embarrassed about it, make sure you pick up the register and put your signature on it. More (important information) about the register here.


the aim of the course is simple: that you should learn how to make beautiful and well-contructed websites, and that you should think deeply about the implications of the fantastic phenomenon that is the World Wide Web, in the context of the study or creation of literature.

The official description of the aims of the course is here.

For the last two years I have taught this course beginning with web page creation and design. This year I will begin with web theory, and start work on design later in the year.


For third year students, the assessment is simple: one website, submitted by the normal deadline (12.30 on the last Friday of term) at the end of the second semester, around the theme 'Literature and the Internet'. Equivalent to 5 thousand words or thereabouts in length.

For second year students, it's more complicated. The department requires that you produce a reading dossier, which will be assessed at 25 percent of your mark for this course. The official rules for reading dossiers are here. My comments on the reading dossier are here. What I will expect to see in the reading dossier, week by week, will be posted on the week-by-week details of what's happening in the course.

The rest of your assessment, 75 percent, will be in the form of one website, submitted by the normal deadline at the end of the second semester, around the theme 'Literature and the Internet'. Equivalent to 3 thousand words or therabouts in length.

The official rules for submission of assessed work are here. In your case, since you are handing in web pages, what you should do is to email me, before the deadline, with the url of the assessed web pages. I should also have your username and password. The deadlines, weightings of assessment elements, etc, are here.

Since part of this course is about the creation and design of good web pages, 50% of the mark for the website will be on content, and the other half on design and presentation.



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