The register


Each of my courses has (of course) a register, carefully designed. It lives on a clipboard in my room. When you come in to the room, find the register and sign against your name. Your signature is proof that you have attended that session: if the signature is not there, I will assume you were absent. Make sure you sign the register!

The important point is: you must provide an explanation for any absence. In writing, to me, by email (my email address is

On the register you will see that aginst your name there are two rows under each term week. The top row, marked 'abs', records absences; the bottom row, marked 'expl', is about explanations. If there is a '1' in the absence box there should be a '1' in the explanation box. Check each week to make sure you have no explanations outstanding, because I am required to report all of this, and want to get it right. If there are any errors, let me know.

Any two unexplained absences generate departmental action; these are our instructions.