Literature Foundation 2010


Week 8

For following week:


First we will look again at the assessment rubric; I will answer any questions you have about it. My answers will be governed by the following instruction, which we have just received:

we should give general advice (along the lines of - 'this sounds interesting / productive / sensible’ etc, coupled with advice about what else students might read, but that we SHOULDN’T comment specifically on the exact line of argument /analysis they plan to take

Secondly, we will look at how to talk about scansion when the poem doesn't follow a regular pattern. We will look at The Sick Rose and Wild Nights, and also the following two poems, recently published (and printed in The Guardian). The writer suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS); the Guardian story has a video which incidentally shows the effects of this awful disease on her. Unless you are feeling rather strong, don't watch it.

1. My quiet Niagara

I've cried more in the past year
Than any time in my life.
Alone. Alone.
My quiet Niagara
I can't stop my silent tears
My quiet Niagara, my silent tears
Because I do not want to be a burden
to anyone
A lump, a lump.
My quiet Niagara, my silent tears

2. Scared

When I'm around
Who have MS
It frightens the shit out of me
All these poems are saying just one thing
I'm scared of getting worse




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