Literature Foundation 2010


Week 1



Detailed instructions about the register, absence, and so on, are here.

Small groups

how to prepare for a seminar


What Literature Foundation is about

term 1: theory and close reading

term 2: set texts and chronological periods

Essays: assessed and formative

the seminar course and the lecture course

the end product: the assessed essay >


for the following week:

Please meet in your small groups and discuss the following:

What is citation?

Why is it important?

What can you cite, and what can you not cite? (For instance: newspapers, web pages, lectures, seminars, discussions with other students, Wikipedia, books (which books?), Twitter, Facebook)

What is the style guide?

What is the point of lectures?

How much reading should you do?

How do you research a poem?

I would like each group to discuss all of these questions. If there's anything you don't understand, email or text me. Bring the results of your discussions to the next seminar; I will be asking each group to give me the answers to these questions.

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