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To find the work to be done for the following week, click on the little red arrow (>) next to the current week. The arrows will appear as the weeks go by.

week 1 >

week 2 >

week 3 >

the formative essay >

a podcast of the Thursday (2.00 pm) Hamlet seminar is here >

week 4 >

week 5: preparation for the seminar after reading week >

week 6 (reading week)

week 7: Freud >

using Turnitin; and how to completely avoid unconscious plagiarism

week 8 >

clear and helpful definitions: formalism, new criticism, historicism, and new historicism; also: defamiliarisation, literariness. As for ambiguity, the whole of William Empson's wonderful book (mostly written when he was an undergraduate) Seven Types of Ambiguity can be read online (or downloaded) here. The Internet is ceaselessly amazing.

week 9

a podcast of the formalism talk is here

for week 10: questions; how to scan irregular metres; the sick rose

week 10

there will be a class in week 11: come with questions. About anything. Anything at all.

week 11


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