Saturday April 7th 2001


Project members

Franco Niccolucci, Dipartimento di Urbanistica, Università di Firenze

Morning Session:

Presentation of the work of the project

Gilbert Kapp Building, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, room 123

10:30 Recent research in cuneiform imaging (NJF)

11:00 coffee (there will be a brief project business meeting during the coffee break)

11:30 Forensic handwriting analysis and the identification of Cuneiform scribes (TRD)

12:00 Lists of cuneiform signs and the new cuneiform sign database (AL)

Afternoon Session:

1. discussion: the sign processor

2. co-operation: EU funding opportunities

Westmere Building

1.00 pm lunch

2:00 New thinking behind the sign processor: a response to FN's comments by e-mail (ThA) followed by discussion

3:00 Possibilities for a cuneiform theme in FN's training network (FN)

4:00 tea

4:30 IST European projects and archaeology (FN)

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