My website is a mess. No doubt about it. Big, sloppy, sprawling all over the place. It stretches back to 1996, and is in all sorts of different styles, some of them dreadful, as I learned more and more about how to make web pages; and the rules of website navigation are, to it mildly, ignored.

But actually I quite like it that way: like the Web itself, you can burrow about in it and come up with unexpected things. Here are some of them, in no particular order.

(If you want to be more systematic, the nearest thing to a site map is my cv. Or, you can look at successive home pages: current, <2001, 1988-9, and <1998.)

how to write an essay >

how to be a student (study skills) >

theories of the mind lectures >

Dresden: a slideshow >

hand printing: a basic manual >

some full-text papers on printing, forensic work, and text theory >

the learning processor (on using the computer for teaching) >

teaching bibliography >

teaching bibliography in practice >

the printing experience >

hand printing: the flat earth press >

samples of printing from the flat earth press >

ESDA and the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad: press cuttings >

publications >

interdisciplinary cuneiform research >


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